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Injury Rehabilitation

CRG Kinesiology offers personalized one-on-one rehabilitation for your injuries. From shoulder pain to low back pain all the way to your ankles, we can help you! We use a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises to help rehabilitate your injuries so you can get back to doing what you love!

Ergonomic Services

Ergonomics is more than how to sit at a desk. Basic movement before, during, and after your daily tasks could develop into a possible WSIB claim.
The human body is the most versatile asset in a business. Just like machinery, the human body should be well-maintained to prevent costly mistakes.
Studies have concluded that healthy ergonomics provide increased productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability of organizations.
CRG Kinesiology is adept at identifying Musculoskeletal Disorder Hazards during Ergonomic Assessments for individuals, or an entire workforce.

Preventative Training / Athletic Consultation

What are your workout goals? Let CRG work with you to make sure you're doing your exercises right.

Your workouts shouldn't be causing pain.
An improper workout routine can build pain tolerance, masking complications that could delay your goals. Similar to Injury Rehabilitation, we take an iterative approach to fine-tune your body movement to accomplish your goals.

We are certified as an exercise physiologist with experience building exercise programs including general nutritional consultation.
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Certain services require prior approval from your physician. Kinesiologists are unable to, and are not authorized to prescribe medications. CRG Kinesiology is not a medical clinic.
The WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) is an Ontario agency that identifies possible health and safety risks which could turn into legal liabilities. The WSIB ultimately improves the working conditions for employees and employers in Ontario.
*We provide video and telephone consultations to keep you active while staying safe from possible viral infections.