Injury Rehabilitation

CRG Kinesiology offers personalized one-on-one rehabilitation for your injuries. From shoulder pain to low back pain all the way to your ankles, we can help you! We use a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises to help rehabilitate your injuries so you can get back to doing what you love!

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Ergonomic Services

Do you find you are often going home with a sore neck or back after sitting all day at work? This is a sign that your desk may not be set up for you. CRG Kinesiology believes in fitting your workstation to you. We offer thorough office ergonomic assessments to help ensure a comfortable work day.

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Preventative Training

Do you work out? Are you an athlete? You may be putting unnecessary stress on certain parts of your body. Even simple repetitive actions can have major consequences if performed incorrect.
CRG provides consultation to identify improvements to your workout regimen and avoid potential injury.

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About Us

Does pain often effect your ability to do things you love?
If so, CRG Kinesiology can help!

As a private kinesiology clinic in Dryden ON, we specialize in a variety of injuries such as low back pain, shoulder injuries, osteoarthritis and many more.
We also offer ergonomic services for your office to ensure comfort throughout your work day.

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